The Importance of Wearing Masks to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

It is questionable how well wearing face masks can prevent you from contracting the coronavirus, but it’s been well proven that wearing them can reduce and slow the spread of the virus from everyone wearing one. The CDC currently recommends that while the medical quality masks should be conserved for health care personnel and first responders, etc., everyone else should wear cloth face coverings of some kind when it is necessary to leave their homes to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Many local governments are now requiring this, so this is creating a shortage that makes it difficult to even find suitable masks available anywhere. So if you don’t have any on hand, you can always make your own out of a bandana or an old cotton shirt, etc. This may not give you the best results, but it’s much better than no protection at all.

You can only make so many home-made masks though. So if you need a larger supply, such as if you’re an employer of an essential service business with many employees who should be provided masks to use while working with customers, or patients, etc., you’ll need to find a reliable source for good quality cloth face masks in bulk quantities. This can prove to be quite a challenge lately, but there are a few sources that can provide fairly large quantities.

One of the best choices is the company at which sells only American made cloth face masks supplied by the new DMS Coalition of large textile and clothing companies.

It’s also a nice side benefit of ordering from them to know that they are also putting Americans to work in the process, rather than just ordering the cheaper quality items from other countries. Plus, they sell the masks by the hundreds, so they can handle whatever size order you need to fill. Amazingly, they don’t even take any money when you order, and you don’t pay until you sign for the delivery. That’s one way to know they’re not just another of those opportunistic scam artists who unfortunately become very hard to avoid in times like these.

So if you’ve been tasked with finding a good supplier for large quantities of cloth face covers that you need to receive this week, is a great option for that.

Stay safe, and stay healthly!